Vancouver Sun ATHOME | Why Victory Square's p+a furniture is a winner

by Claudia Kwan
August 13 2010
Owner Shelley Penner complements 'edginess' of her Hastings at Cambie location with the 'sustainability perspective' of her wares


Ostensibly, the story of p+a furniture began in June 2009 after its grand opening as a downtown bricks and mortar establishment on West Hastings at Cambie.

But the story may have begun before that, when p+a owner Shelley Penner became familiar with the neighbourhood after becoming involved with the heritage Flack Block building during its grand restoration.

Or maybe it started with Penner in her capacity as an interior designer, when she created furniture for display suites for a Richmond condo development in 2007 and realized the potential of the line.

Or maybe this is a lesson in the idea that everything is interconnected, with no real beginning or end.

link to Vancouver Sun no longer available

photo:  Stuart Davis, PNG, Special To The Sun

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