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A leading sustainable design practice, P+A Interiors delivers inspiring solutions that help people live and work better. The most satisfying solutions meet the programmatic requirements, but are also beautiful, layered with meaning, and rich with ideas that are expressed in volume, form, light, colour and materials.



Mar 12 2015 | P+A is closed today. We're in Whistler photographing one of our interior design projects! We apologize for any inconvenience.

Aug 13 2014 | Vancouver Residence II


Jun 13 2014 | discover elegant solutions for small spaces with one of our recent residential projects

Jun 2014 | testimonials
Read what clients have to say about P+A Interiors. Feeling is mutual!

Apr 2014 | view/download our commercial + institutional and residential company profiles

Mar 1 2014 | P+A Interiors has moved to 1330 Napier Street, Vancouver, BC V5L 2M4.

Jan 16 2014 | The impetus to lead (Listen + Engage + Anticipate + Deliver) in P+A Interiors January 2014 eNews

Jun 27 2013 | Recently completed project – Co-operative Housing, and objects we desire including Graypants and FilzFelt, featured in P+A Interiors June 2013 eNews

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