VIA Rail Silver & Blue competition


The team assembled by P+A Interiors was one of four teams selected from twenty from across Canada to develop innovative design concepts to upgrade VIA Rail's Sliver and Blue Western Transcontinental stainless steel streamline railcar interiors to reflect a boutique hotel atmosphere.

Our objective was to make the passengers' experience on the Silver & Blue an unforgettable pleasure, and thereby contributeto the revival of passenger rail service in Western Canada.

The design concept is inspired by the iconic bullet form of the Silver & Blue Park Car. The integration of simple rounded shapes, with ribbed highlights and stainless steel elements into the interiors are characteristics that allude to the exterior of the Silver & Blue. The approach unifies the interior with the exterior.

The concept creates a refined, historically-rooted character with a strong brand identity, providing the VIA Rail Sliver & Blue passenger with a truly unique experience.

other team members

  • Box Interior Design
  • Saleem Khattak (industrial designer)