VIA1 Class Car Interiors

VIA Rail interior design competition

P+A Interiors was one of three teams invited by VIA Rail to participate in a national design competition to renew the interior of the VIA1 Class corridor cars. VIA1 is a commuter train used by business clientele traveling between major urban centres in Ontario and Quebec.

In restyling the cars, VIA Rail wanted to create a sense of personalized VIP service and a peaceful environment in which to work or relax. VIA Rail asked design teams base interior design concepts on the latest colour and styling trend indicators such as fashion, technology, entertainment and sustainability.

P+A Interiors presented an interior design concept based on a modern aesthetic with a strong professional expression. Aesthetic, spatial, sensory, environmental, maintenance and ergonomic considerations were illustrated.

All finishes and fittings chosen were carefully assessed in terms of their environmental impact to meet the highest standards for sustainability. As an example, the upholstery selected for the seats resembled that of a fine business suiting material, yet was created from natural wool using no chemicals or dyes in the manufacturing process. The color and pattern chosen was from the naturally occurring colors of the wool of the sheep. Aptly named Molly.

In considering an extensive renovation of the existing cars, VIA Rail also asked design teams to reconsider the seat size and seat layout to create an option for a more spacious car interior.

other team members

  • Joël Courchesne Architecte
  • Saleem Khattak (industrial designer)
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